Hotmail login Sign up is a online mail service provided by Microsoft Windows Corporation which is faster, simpler and safer to use. It is now much known as Outlook, Windows Live, so don’t get confused on it. It is for free but to use it you need to create a new account first. While creating a new account you will be given an option to choose the domain you want on your email address such as, or It is available on 36 languages and have more than 360 million users.

You need to get registered on Outlook first to use it. Here we explain to you on how to sign up for HotmailOutlook or live, just follow these few simple steps.

Hotmail Sign Up

  • On your web browser type which will direct you to login page or simply click on this link here to land on the sign in page. But, if you don’t have an account on Outlook, then click on “Sign up Now” button.
  • You’ll land on a page where you need to fill in the form to Create a new Hotmail account (as shown in the image below).Sign up outlook
  • Here, you’ll need to fill the first two boxes with your first and last name respectively. Then on the “User Name” field enter the username you wish(which’ll be your email address), so choose carefully.
  • The next one is “Password” section, your password needs to be 8 character long and have to be case sensitive (upper case, lower case, numbers or symbols), it is a good way to keep your account safe and secure online. Again repeat the same password in the next box below.
  • Choose your country’s name through the drop down. Enter your Date of Birth and select your gender. To make your account safe and to secure your information, you’ll need to put your mobile number (first choose the country code then on the next box enter your mobile number).
  • And lastly before clicking on “Create account”, you need to enter the character you see on the screen, Hotmail wants to make sure a real person is creating an account.
  • Finally click on “Create Account” button. Your Hotmail account is created successfully in few minutes.

If you receive an error message while signing up, then there is something wrong while filling up the form. Recheck the information you’ve filled and try again.

Hotmail Login

As we already know Outlook, Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger are all same but with different names. With this email address you can log in to any Microsoft apps and products. Below are some guides on how to login to Outlook.

    • On your web browser type which will lead you to sign in page (as shown in the image below).sign in hotmail
    • Then simply type in your username and password on the respective areas. And click on “Sign in“. If you want to stay signed in next time you open Outlook, tick on the small box next to “Keep me signed in“.

Common Hotmail Sign in Problems

  • If you can’t Sign in to hotmail or if there is any problem regarding your login then click on “Forgotten My Password” button, which is below “Sign in “button.
  • Once you clicked on the button, you’ll land on the page where you can choose the reason why you can’t sign in.
  • If you have forgot your password then click on the first option and click on “Next” as shown in the image below. Just make sure you have entered the correct username and password while signing in to your account (check the spellings if they are correct or not, while typing your password check upper case or lower case sensitive, etc), before trying this step.forgot password
  • On the next page, you can recover your account by entering your account or Microsoft account and entering the captcha as you can see on your screen then click on “Next“.recover hotmail password
  • By doing this Hotmail will send you a password recovery email on the same account you enter above. Through which you can reset your password and your security information.
  • But what to do if i know my password but forgot my username? Don’t worry it also has a solution. Simply, click on the second option and click “Next” button (as shown in the image below).
  • Then you’ll land on next page where, to recover your username, you need to enter your email address (primary mail address) and the captcha that you see on the screen and click on “Next” button.
  • Or if you don’t remember your Microsoft account, still there is a solution. Just click on “Use phone number” button, to get the code on your mobile(that code will help you reset your username/Microsoft account).
  • Here, just select the country code and enter your phone number then enter the captcha you see on your screen and click “Next”.
  • You will get a code or link on your phone or email account, by clicking the link you’ll be redirected to the page where you can reset your account.

NOTE:  Double check the username and password every time you login. Check if the internet is connected to your device or not.

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